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Cool airplane model made from scratch Answered

Another interesting story from Africa about handmade goods. I'd love to get one of these.

Phillip Isohe is a metal fabricator in the jua kali, non-traditional industrial sector, in Kenya. In his spare time he builds models of airplanes and buses. This seems to be an extension of what many of us did while growing up in Africa - building wire, or tin can, cars. What's most interesting is the excruciating attention to detail that he puts into each one. In fact, they each have motors with working lights, steering, engine and interiors.

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There are some similar (though not as detailed) projects on display at the Eden Project. Check the second half of this set I posted onflickr.

I've seen a lot of African crafts made out of aluminum cans before. I have a really cool rose made from Coke cans somewhere in my house. I think this is a nice step above and I'd be willing to pay $400 for a sweet handcrafted piece with working lights and motor.

if i had the money i would pay $400, if even just to support the artist. that plane is amazing. quick question, is it possible to solder coke cans?

I doubt it - they're usually aluminium. I'm not a good solderer, but I have tried to solder aluminium to copper, and all I got was a huge blob of solder on the copper and a singed patch on the aluminium.

I don't think he's using aluminum cans for this. Probably scraps from his job.

alright thanks. i was curious. i had been thinking about it last night, and this thread reminded me to ask.