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Cool double weapons Answered

Here is some cool weapon doubles:

Magnum dagger
AK scissors
Blowgun lead pipe
Pistol flying guillotine
Colt net
Railgun sword
Railgun warhammer
Pump action baseball bat
Trident crowbar
Pistol machete
Railgun mace
Railgun chainsaw
Rocket war hammer
Colt wrench
Blowgun chainsaw
Razor gun



pump action baseball bat... lmfao

Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha', I hurt people.
The Scout on himself

What about nanomite warheads? (from a movie).

Shoot! What's the name of it? That's killing me!

*Has stroke and dies.*


That was such a god-awful movie. Grrrrr.

I thought it was uber-schmuber-quadruplemilliontrillion cheesy.

Lol, it was a little cheesy now that I think of it.


8 years ago

Bolt action knife

Broken bottle grenade

Chuck Norris round-house kick. (This is actually 100,000,000 weapons.)

how about a flamethrower made from gasoline, or solar powered night vision goggles, or maybe even a handgun with a gau 8 avenger attached to it.

Hey now, solar charged night vision goggles wouldn't be that bad of an idea...

without a battery? but with a battery they would actually be a decent idea, especially for in the middle east.

LOL this whole forum


8 years ago

i like! lolz!