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Coolest Business Card EVER! Answered

This must be the best business card ever - if you work for Lego, they put together a minifig that matches your appearance as closely as possible, and then print your name and contact details on it.

I am insanely jealous!



This was way too cool, being a big fan of Lego, I just could not resist making one of these. I spent about an hour digging through the kids Lego box to find the right pieces and the right colours. I printed the name and images on glossy self adhesive paper and just stuck it on and then cut around the edges with a sharp knife. :)


Oh, wow - that is surely worth an Instructable!

WIN Never again will I use regular old business cards...

Haha awesome, i bet you could make these though !

Go on, then!

(Anybody remember letraset?)

Remember?? I still have (somewhere) pages and pages of letraset in many (many) sizes and styles -- I knew there'd be a use for them again someday....

You'd better be quick, then, to beat SMART to the publish.


8 years ago

Fun fact! Lego is the world's main tire producer

That really is a fun fact ! Thanks for sharing !

Yes! Ask the question and keep people guessing for a while (they'll prolly say Pirelli (spelling?) Good Year, Michelin (spelling? lol)) then just reveal "Lego"

oh wow! That would be very cool. I have written a story book about a turtle and need to advertise it. Any cool ideas like Kiteman's cool find?

Make cardboard turtles with the book title on one side and your contact details on the other?

Neat idea. thanks ;0) I started thinking and wondered if I might follow the lead of the illustrious Ms. Kiteman and make turtle finger puppets attached to a business card

wow they are cool i want one now

I've got to get one of these!

I agree, that is very very cool. :)