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Copenhagen or Many Worlds Interpretation? Answered

Which interpretation of quantum physics do you prefer? Personally I favour the Many Worlds interpretation as it better explains how the particle 'chooses' what state it collapses into, whereas when I consider the Copenhagen interpretation, it makes me think that the particle is deciding, which bothers me, obviously.

However, the Many Worlds interpretation throws up many issues, such as the problem of probability (if a universe is created for every possible outcome, the probability of anything is 1, including say, your computer randomly exploding now). Which is quite ridiculous. But still, to me, a better explanation.

So your thoughts?


Your description of Everett's interpretation isn't quite accurate. In particular, you throw up the straw man of violating the Born rule. In fact, that interpretation is built in such a way that the "number" of alternatives built precisely matches the probabilities computed using conventional quantum mechanics.

The orthodox interpretation is more reasonable, in that it requires fewer assumptions. The wavefunction is real. When you make a measurement, you project out one of the eigenstates according to the Born rule. End of story.

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Personally, I have greater worries than those on the subatomic level but do these interpretations and observations impact your view on life or how you behave? You can get a qualified answer from our resident particle physicist when he sees this topic but yeah, unraveling and understanding the mysteries of the universe is cool, it won't keep me awake at night.