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Copyright question (again...) Answered

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching Instructables for a while now and found similar questions to mine, but none putting my (overly paranoid?) mind at ease. So, first off apologies if this question has been asked before.

Q: Is it copyright infringement to use artwork from a video game for a project and post it to Instructables?

I’m in the process of finishing a few projects (and subsequent instructables) but I’m hesitant to post them here. I’ve seen many projects using essentially unaltered video game art, for example:
They’re all probably passing through as fair use, but I understand that fair use is a “legal mine field”. In all these cases, the final product is not similar to the product from which the art originated, but the art used is essentially direct copies.

One of my projects comprise putting pixelated images on a table (the sprites used are not altered and certainly copyrighted). Is it sufficient to just mention in the instructable that the sprites are copyrighted to e.g. Nintendo?

This article on sprites and copyright (http://flashrights.com/sprites.htm) give a very definite maybe as the final conclusion. But what is Instructables’ view on this?




If the original copyright holder asks us to remove something, we comply. So far, that's the only thing that ever happened.

There are many projects, not just on Instructables, that use videogame artwork as inspiration.

As long as you are not selling the final product of your work, you are fine.

Thanks Kiteman -- I'll post those instructables. [watch this space]
I think my problem was 'where does copyright infringement end and inspiration begin?'

In my opinion (which has worked for me so far), as long as you acknowledge sources, add your own creativity, and don't profit from it, you're fine.