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I am Brazilian and I am looking to create some colleagues along with a site that translates into Portuguese, the Articles of instructables faithfully, always showing the links of the original articles.
We have people with fluent English and able to express exactly what the original author of the article wanted to express.

My question is:
We can do this without violating any law or conduct on copyright and terms of Instructable?

Now appreciate the responses and understandings of all.

(note: I am the creator of the site, not I who will lead the topics, conversation made by Google Translator):)



10 years ago

Hi, I'm requesting if it will be possible that Instructables itself could provide to translate instructables as a new feature. You can see herehere the topic.

I'm Spaniard, and I prefer to work extending the wonderful user interface of this web instead of creating a parallel site, but that seems to be the only actual option...

What do you think?


Reply 10 years ago

I do not know, because the machinery of translation are very poor, the idea is good, but it is best to translate to humans, and has the videos too, that we have to have a subtitle, and then indexing them even synchronize them. What would be your ideal is merging with my idea, that is, create a portal official with people selected from different countries to collaborate, such as Wikipedia is not surprising that here would be more specific. :)


Reply 10 years ago

Sorry, I didn't mean that translation will be automatically done. I mean to provide new functionality to enter an instructable in several languages (if the author is comfortable with that) or some selected people do that... I think that "official portal" you said must be Instructables itself, not other external development...