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Cordless drill battery packs.? Answered

I have a ridgid impact. It cuts off when im assuming the curuit board inside the battery senses to much load. ide like to fix this problem with an override on the circuit board or just bypass the board itself but i need to know, does the battery charger know when the battery is charged or does it need feedback from this curcuit board in the battery? thanks


Which drill is it? You said Impact(r), so I am guessing it is this one: http://www.ridgid.com/Tools/R82320-Impact-Driver/EN/index.htm

I think I have taken apart similar drills and battery packs, but I do not recall seeing any sort of circuit board inside the battery pack.  That is for the old style NiCd and Ni-MH batteries.  BTW the number 14.4 in the advertising copy kind of implies this kind of battery, since 14.4 is a integer multiple of 1.2.

I think I've seen circuit boards inside Li-ion battery packs, and the rumor for those was that this was a circuit to prevent the batteries from being overcharged;i.e it would open a switch upon sensing the batteries were completely charged. I don't remember what exactly was being sensed to indicate the fully-charged condition.  Probably voltage or temperature?

I dunno.  If you want to rewire you batteries (whatever kind they are), or bypass some circuit-thingy,  I say do it!  Sounds to me like you're just trying to find the courage.   I mean if the darned thing isn't working anyway,  how much more damage could you do?

yea its that one but its the 18v li-on..i think i may cut into it this weekend.. i may even change it over to something alittle more upgraded but i was also thinking of putting a diffrent board on it but i just dont know what i need, i just need to do some research on it.

Wow. Were the several answers to your previous question https://www.instructables.com/answers/What-is-the-circuit-board-inside-a-ridgid-battery-/
...only 2 hours old
...not good enough?

*I stand corrected, answer, singular. I was thinking of another similar question recently.

No you are correct i could not find the first question i posted. Im new to the site and I thought it didnt get posted so i asked basicly the same thing again. thanks for your help though.

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