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Corn-Nachos.... how to make at home? Answered

How can we make good corn nachos at home................  Easily............... Just like the ones we get in the supermarket ............... which we can have with hot salsa???? here in india, we do not get such nachos and tortilla chips readily in the market.


Have you actually done it ? I wonder if the texture is the same ? I get the impression from eating them that nachos are made with coarser meal than tortillas - maybe a Mexican member can correct me.


No I've not done this, but the link is fairly specific about what you make the corn-tortillas from.


Seen any here ? We eat a lot of Mexican food.

I haven't noticed it, but then I've not been looking. It doesn't appear to be impossible to find in the UK - internet / some supermarkets*


*so says the internet

Excellent suggestion and excellent links!