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Costume- Peacock Answered

Last year I created a Jellyfish costume created out of discounted yarn, tull, a Clear umbrella and a string of electroluminescent wire. It got rave reviews and was just fun to play with. So, I have a vision but really no skills as far as technology or art are concern. I'm trying to deveolp a Peacock costume that will be primarly worn at night. I want the feathers to open and close preferably by a switch. I plan on having electroluminescent wire throughout the costume. I've been racking my rain and asking my techy friends for ideas but I keep coming up short. Anyone have an idea on how to "motorize" the feathers? Any advice is welcome and appriceated!!!


I think some kind of 'string' mechanism might be more practical. You'll want something like a fan (olde-fashioned ladies type that is)? L

I have an idea for the feathers...Get like a wooden board for the back, and drill to holes next to each other (Big) Then put two motors inside. Attach the feathers to the motors, a few on each side. Have one on each motor fixed vertical. Have a bit of fishing line tying one feather to the one before it. This way, when you turn on the motors, the feathers will spread out. Tell me if you don't understand...ill make a diagram.