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"Costume" Ideas Answered

So, my school football team is the Patriots. I'm looking for some ideas on what I can do to make a better costume/whatever. I wanted to make a 300 style red white and blue helmet to wear, but that proved to be pretty tricky. (I did see the boba fett helmet ible) I have been using a towel, but I'm going to make a better cape A stadium horn is on it's way from ebay I paint my face/use colored hair spray already Got any other ideas?


OMG we're the patriots too! when do you need it by i mean i could try to model it in blender but I'm new to it some it won't be perfect

which helmet? the spartan one or king leonidas's with bristles on top

I posted a topic with a photo of my complete spartan halloween costume, just do a search for that.


9 years ago

Heh, my school mascot is a Spartan. We so did a 300 type senior prank last year. Yes I was a sophomore participating in a senior prank. :P


10 years ago

Well go to walmart or local fabric store and buy some thick fabric of a red tint and a smaller peice of white. Turn the red into a cape and cut the white into letters that say "Patriots." If you can find some cheap pleather turn it into a kilt thing and wear something under it, think of the people under you. If you wanna look like you have some large muscles find a muscle body suit and wear it under the cape. I wish my team won, we lost every game last season and I still had to cheer them on. After a while I think most people just came to see us (the band).

>think of the people under you.

Lucky Them!

>If you wanna look like you have some large muscles find a muscle body suit and wear it under the cape.

Oh, I'm already ripped! =p

Seeing someone elses junk kinda ruins the mood for me. I wish I was ripped.


10 years ago

So, I take it you're not on the team; you are a "cheerleader" or fan? I'd say do the classic "pair up with buddies and spell "Patriots" on your stomachs." And I also guess your colors are red, blue, and white?

You'd be right...I'm a fan, and out colors are red white and blue. The thing is..everyone spells that on them..you can usually turn around 360 degrees and see at least one person with a letter on them...and that's not in the stands. I'm looking for something special. =]

Alright. Well, it's a lil' late for me, I'll see what I can think of tomorrow.

So long as you don't mind wearing a skirt :-P.

Hm..not sure where I'd get one...does your idea involve a bagpipe by any chance?

You could use on of the many chainmail(e) instrctables to make the vest. Cut up an old leather belt to make the skirt "cover" And make the Bobba Fett helmet but stick a broom to it :-P

My idea with the 300 helmet was to have a blue cap, white mask, and red plume. I think going all medieval would be too much, and not as patriotish

Is the word not patriotic?

How about making yourself a shield at least?

Go all Captain America style.

I figured saying not patriotic would seem like i meant anti patriotic. patriotish just means like a patriot =]

A shield could work...but I think I might be too limited by space. (We're pretty crowded up there)

Oh of course xD OW I think there's an iBle on making a Captain America shield somewhere.

lol I would, I just don't think there's enough space for it up in the stands.

I have a costume idea, but officially I'm saving it for the Hallowe'en competition. PM me if you want a (text only) preview.