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Could Anyone give me some game Ideas? Answered

I have been thinking about designing a game. here are some ideas I've been kicking around: Post-apocalyptic themed RPG: Based loosely on Discovery's new series, The Colony, you would play a character and experience his struggles to survive a cruel and lawless world. Final fantasy styled game. Zelda Platformer: It would incorporate the 'hoppy-jumpy' gameplay of the Mario Bros. Platform games with the dungeon-questing and puzzle-solving of the Legend of Zelda Titles. Mario RTS: Simply combine the gameplay of C&C with the themes of the Mario Brothers. nothing more to say. I am using Game Maker 7 Lite. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


Well, the post-apocalyptic RPG has already been done by Bethesda, of course that's not really a reason to not do a newer/better one.

The Zelda Platformer and a Mario RTS would be interesting, but if you went commercial Nintendo would probably sue you :(. But, if it's just for kicks then go for it.

I've always though a Zombie RTS would be cool, have the zombies controlled by a player in RTS mode, and the rest of the players are survivors in First/Third person. Already been done with a source mod, but it'd be nice as a stand-alone.

If you want a game engine that can do true 3D, I'd recommend Blender. It's open source (thus it's free), and it has a game engine built in. The learning curve is a bit steep, but it's nothing that a little motivation can't overcome. Here's a demo of what it can do.

SWEET!! I was thinking about doing 3D instead of 2D, especially the RPG. This way, I don't have to pay YoyoGames for the 20$ pro upgrade to do 3D!

You might also find Sauerbraten to be a useful prototyping tool. It lets you build maps inside the game's 3D environment, based on a system of cubes. It's pretty easy to use, and has rag doll physics and all that fun stuff. It's not meant for creating a standalone game though, so your best off with Blender for that. Here's a good tutorial for Blender, unfortunately it's undergoing reconstruction so some parts may be a bit convoluted. I found it to be pretty good until I caught up to the revision team :)

well if its post apocalyptic, i think the movie 9 is that genre so you could make a game for that movie, and make it RPG style, and mabey you can make 2 like one thats like final fantasy and legend of zelda, and the sequel can be like mario or something, kinda like zelda, the second game was side veiw, then you can like choose which of the 9 characters from the movie you want to be, that would be cool. Hope i helped :)

 video game:a gladiator arena u can buy and upgrade armor swords,spears,shields,helmets,boots for speed and the name should be gladiator.                                                        

a claustrophobic horror game with crazy scary flashbacks but the main player is in a coma and wakes up to find his city empty then you here him running then a struggle and a quick shot of him limping then cut black right in the middle like in the sapranos

 Thanks. Anyways, I found out what the movie was. Go watch "I am Legend" starring Will Smith. It is like an apocalyptic universe differing from our current one. There is one person left. Kinda like 28 days later...

Fear for getting stuck in small rooms, elevators and such.

I think fallout 3 is all of the things you are saying and it's been created already