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Could I access remotely wireless camera using cellphone 100+ miles away? Answered

I was wanting to setup a camera on a site that I work at using an old iPhone I have laying here. I was wondering if it was even possible?


Okay well these are between 2 different locations within 100 miles of each other. I was just wondering if it was possible?

You via the internet. The camer needs to be connected to a router or to a PC with internet access. there are several apps around, some free, to upload the images to the internet.

All you need then is the URL and your smart phone can see what the camera sees.

my son does this when he is away as a burglar deterrent.


4 years ago

There are ways to do what you want.
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Yes there are a few apps on the App Store where you can turn on a camera of another I phone , both I phones have to be connected to the 3G network , you could also get a ip camera , there the ones that are connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi , you can view these from your smart phone through the net , some also have sound , and also able to pann form side to side and up and down , right from your phone , these are very cool and I have seen them quite reasonably priced hundred $150 or so ,

Maybe if you jailbreak the phone and find software that will take the video from the camera and send it to a web site. Doubt there is anything like that.

I want to access it by web like login to remote IP address? sorry for confusion! I also have another project I'm wanting to do with PH Data logger --> to SD Card I've seen where this may be possible!