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Could I boost the reception of my car radio by putting a dish at the base of it? Answered

My car's radio is pretty old and most of the radio stations where I live are miles away, so interference is very common. I happened to see this instructable on boosting wi-fi reception: https://www.instructables.com/id/Uni-Directional-WIFI-Range-Extender/ and was wondering if this could be mimicked for my car antenna by putting the strainer dish at the base of it.



Best Answer 9 years ago

not very well - it 'would' work, but those wok-antennas do something specific, not magic. They make your omnidirectional (all directions) antenna into a directional antenna by focussing the input from a straight line, parabolically reflecting a larger area onto the antenna. On a car, you move and turn a lot - you'd need it always pointing at your radio station's signal source... :(

Aww... that's disappointing. Thanks for the detailed answer though!

not to mention what would happen to a dish-shaped object on the roof of your car at 110km/hr (65mph)...lol

No. As Frollard pointed out, directional antennas do not suite moving objects. The transmitters are stationary and your car is not... that's why you have an omnidirectional whip antenna. However, if you're dealing with a Sirius or XM antenna and you happen to live right smack in the center of the Continental United States... You may see some benefit by turning one of their antennas into a directional antenna and pointing it straight up. There ARE other options, but maybe they're even uglier. I've seen aerofoil-shaped, disc-shaped, and other antennas that look like they belong on a sci-fi set or a 1950's home rooftop. A quick trip to the car shop might net you one of these, or you can simply look for a bigger whip antenna. I'd swap out the radio for an mp3/cd deck, but that's just me.