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Could I download Netflix streaming movies? Answered

It's great that I can use Netflix instant streaming to watch movies and tv episodes online, but been wondering if it would be possible to also download instant streaming  Netflix movies or tv shows to computer.

If any of you guys tried to download or save Netflix streaming movies to computer, is there any real possibility to also download movies from Netflix ?

Would appreciate any ideas on this.


If you have never tried to figure it out then why are you responding to the question?

Theoretically all is possible, so you probably can have a chance to download and save Netflix streaming movies and tv episodes.

Google's your best friend, think no one can give you a better solution on how to download streaming movies from Netflix than a fruitful search round the web, like this one for example.

Though you should keep in mind that Netflix uses the silverlight based player for the online movie streaming subscription, that means that the movies and tv episodes from Netflix have some sort of protection on them and not any app can work to capture and download Netflix movie streams.

GOOGLE is not your best friend it is the friend of the person who wants to sell you something or confuse you.

a) that's possible with stream-ripping program(s)
b) that's against the terms of service of netflix
b.2) that's illegal.

Yes, you can. No, I won't search for how to do it to explain it to you :) Nobody will stop you from doing it but you'll have a hard time finding advice on an open forum whose rules prohibit instructions to break the law. Silverlight has some sneaky tricks to stop regular capture devices from viewing protected content anyway, so its a tad annoying.

Not even the netflix program caches much on your computer, hence why you can't fast-forward or rewind without having to restart the buffering process -- only minimal buffering is used, and once the stream is played, it clears out the used data.

If there is no way for you to help with a solution why in the hell are you responding to the question? I have the same question. Netflix has a movie that is not available anywhere else but on Netflix and I wanted to get it for my collection. Also you must be extremely white because most white folks answer with the "IT's Illegal Isn't It?" question like they never did anything that was against the law before. Taking a grape without paying is food theft by the way. . .

AFAIK, it seems that most of the providers who profess able to record Netflix movies are all using the method to record video directly from computer screen. This is also the only feasible solution I found. I use a screen video recorder to record video from Netflix and bypass the encryption of downloading. The recorded video is at decent quality. You can try!

Yeah, hard to find a good way to download Netflix streaming movies to the hard disk but I would not got so far as to say there's no way to save movies from Netflix, even if we're talking about Netflix instant streaming movies.

One other way to do this is to take the recording route and actually record streaming movies from Netflix, since you don't mess around with the protection you should manage to do it right and save some decent videos.

Theoretically, you can use screen capture apps like this one for example.

Didn't use that Audials app for Netflix but I saw round there that it can be used to record and save instant streaming movies or tv episodes from Netflix subscription.

Anyhow, my point is that you can solve this pretty easy if you simply record Netflix movies, instead of trying to figure out how to catch and download movies straight from Netflix.

Really, so it's possible after all to save streaming movies from Netflix streaming subscription?

Cool idea with recording Netflix movies instead of trying to catch and download movies straight from them, didn't cross my mind that recording can be a working solution.

Not trying to do anything illegal of course, it's just that I was thinking it would be great if I could download and save a couple of Netflix streaming movies for offline watching on vacation or something like this.

So got any idea at all if that app you mentioned does a good job at recording movies from Netflix?

Well, yeah you can record and save Netflix movies I guess.

As I already said, I didn't use that Netflix Downloader for anything for the simple reason I don't use Netflix to stream movies online or anything like this.

Since you're interested to solve this, you can try it yourself and see how it works to record and save Netflix movies and video for you.

Just remember to keep anything you record from Netflix to yourself and don't share the videos anywhere.It's for personal use only.

I have tried searching for a piece of software that would accomplish this but kudos to Netflix they have their anti-piracy game on. Their streamed movies are locked down tight and out of reach.Lets face facts if they couldnt protect the Studios content from piracy they would be out of business.

Interesting, suppose the vcr might do it do it, if you still have one of those around the house.

Didn't cross my mind till now to suggest this solution for recording Netflix movies, but I gave mine away long time ago anyhow.

Seems you can also connect the vcr to the computer and from the looks of it it's not that hard either; so guess you can record and save instant streaming movies from Netflix while they play this way.

You ca try it out to see if it works or not, what have you got to lose anyhow.

There were a couple of workarounds for capturing and downloading Netflix streaming movies or videos or whatever you needed from round there, back in the days when I still used to watch Netflix movies and had a Netflix subscription.

Think this one was one of them, involved some getting greasemonkey script and other stuff to help you capture and download streaming movies and tv episodes from Netflix subscription.

Dunno if the trick still works to download Netflix movies, but guess that's for you to find out yourself.

Truth be said there were indeed a couple of solutions that would allow one to catch and download Netflix movie streams from a Netflix subscription.

Though the problem is that those are quite old work-arounds, not sure if any of them still work to capture streaming movies from Netflix.

Suppose you can find them just by doing a google search on "download netflix movies: or something like this, if it's of any help.

Who knows what you find round there that could solve the problem for you.

I don't think either it's worth to go through all the trouble to catch and download instant streaming movies from Netflix subscription to hard disk, if it is indeed possible to save Netflix instant streams.

Can't you just use the dvd rentals to find whatever movies u need to watch on Netflix instead of trying to download Netflix movie streams?

I know that's what I would do if I were you.

Myeah, kinda tricky to be able to actually download instant streaming movies from Netflix subscription.

Not only that it doesn't cache that much on the computer when you watch online instant streaming Netflix movies but as far as I also recall Netflix movie streams have some sort of protection along with the Silverlight based player that might not let you download Netflix streams.

I think it's not worth it to go through all that trouble to try to find out how to download Netflix movie streams, but hey that's what I think.