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Could I get some feed back on my instructable? Answered

Hello my name is Dready Jazz. I've been on for a while but I just started posting. I would really appreciate some feed back, here and on my profile . Thank you!

Heres the links to the two I have done already.




Could I get some feedback please. I was so excited to find this site, I would have fellow artist and crafters to bounce ideas of and get pointer.... But my posts asking for such seem to be largely ignored. I'm teaching myself art via instinct and internet so this could be really good for my art. I see this post has been viewed 20 times and still I have two comments on each. I thought these forum were here so we could help each other?

What do your dreads mean to you?
I've known loads of people have meaning to dreads, but never asked what it is...


That's a great question, I've been asked before and it is still pretty complicated I'll try to keep it short. My dreads are an extension and expression of the energy that flow thru me. I use them to express myself and hold energy, I am very careful who I let touch them and I have loved them for almost six years. I am actually going to do a series of instructales on dreads, maintenance and care tip.....

Thx dreads are so personally everyone has a different why they dreaded story, favorite dreads... The number one reason I hear for cutting ones dreads is that they have to much negative energy.

I read this article a while back, http://www.sott.net/articles/show/234783-The-Truth-About-Hair-and-Why-Indians-Would-Keep-Their-Hair-Long

Thx, The next round of instucales will be much clearer.

more steps...since it's a step by step instructable and also look at your photo after you took a picture.....then you won't be stuck with out-of-focus images...also use the link I posted earlier on how to make a great instructable!

I checked out the lamp project and right away I thought it needed a clearer picture. If nothing else you need to make sure that that first picture clearly shows the projects and that it looks good.

Since it is a lamp and needs to be shows glowing I know taking a good picture of it can be hard but the lamp is colorful enough that you could have taken a picture of it in the light and put that as the main then show it lit up in the dark as a secondary picture.

Hope that helps and hope to see a featured Instructable from you soon!

Hi there dreadyjazz,

I looked at both of your projects and although I don't usually criticize posts, you are asking for specific feedback. I too am an artist, however my medium tends to be more in pencil drawings and painting but I do enjoy any creative effort.

On your yarn braids, I would make the project into a step-by-step. It was advised to me, regardless of a projects size and steps to not use "photo only" instructables as they tend to not get looked at as much as a full step by step instructable.

On your rice paper LED orb lanterns, I would get a few better photos. The first photo is the most important. Its what people see first and decide whether or not they want to click on it to view it further. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine what your project is based on the first image. Thankfully, you do have some great images in the step by step, but if no one goes to your project, how will they ever see them?

I hope this helps you some. :D

Thank you, I do need way more pictures, its hard to find a model, people only usally want the yarn falls for certain holidays, or parties. I'm going to do a whole new one! Tonight I am going to replace some pics on the other one.

Just like Kiteman said "check your photos as you take them, or take lots at a time, then you're not stuck with using out-of-focus images"

Thx I flagged it.