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Could I have gotten a virus from a Facebook link? Answered

I was on a forum earlier today, when someone linked to a facebook account, so I thought, why not? I went to it in Mozilla with Noscript and adblock, but was prompt to enter username/password since I usually dont use firefox for that + noscript blocks that anyways right? So I pasted it in Google Chrome (where my password is stored in the browser..) from there I got directly in, but just came to the front page og Facebook... Why did this happen? Could it be that I have been sent to a fake site to give me malware :s ?

here is the link:


Ps. I checked just now and if you look at here : http://i.imgur.com/JZ6b6.png and here: http://i.imgur.com/2G8xa.png (this is how it looks while loading) , you see that the links is very different.. Is the link in the second picture a normal one?
And also note what I have circled around in red down to the left...

Any ideas? I scanned my pc with MBAM, SUPERantispyware, AVAST and Spyboot S & D, but if there is a virus at all, could it be encrypted, will they be able to detect it?

sorry for nagging, just getting a little paranoid :p

p.p.s If I click on that link and then try to press a notification that will bring me back to the homepage too.. (but not other ones, only the first one I click after clicking the link, per session..)

Thank you for answers :)


You have a virus. Run for your life. You have doomed us all.

Whatever you do dude, do not take off your tinfoil hat.

You're paranoid, relax.


But is he paranoid enough?

.  Wow. I wonder if he knows about digital prophylaxis; ounce of prevention and all that?

Yes I do... But didn't exactly think there could be something wrong to click a facebook link, it looked ok..
About that... anyone got a answer for my original post :) ?

You're paranoid, relax.

Has anything bad happened since yesterday?


"I scanned my pc with MBAM, SUPERantispyware, AVAST and Spyboot S & D" - you'd think so.


Just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

.  Everything looks normal to me. When I click on the Facebook link, it takes me to a login page. I see no problems with the URLs in the pics.
.  If a link doesn't come from someone you trust, don't click on it.