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Could I use a car vacuum cleaner to make an ice chest evap cooler ? Answered

I have been reading through the various evap cooler ibles and was wondering if a car vacuum cleaner could be used instead of a fan It's already set up to plug into cig lighter and has forced air flowing in & out. I haven't finished my coffee yet so brain isn't functioning well enough figure out if I'd need a hose attached or which end of vacuum would would go into the cooler opening.


In theory it would work, but it isn't practical. The motor produces heat, which would take away from the cool air output. And it's just plain noisy.

Well it moves air, so yes.


Work, yes. Ideal? no. Car vacuums are HORRENDOUSLY loud for being high suction low volume (high rpm fan) motors...Other concern is the motor probably puts out quite a bit of heat compared to the amount of air moved (since its designed for powerful air moving)

"Work yes" was as far as I was going. Otherwise I totally agree.


.  +1. It's overkill (and very noisy).
.  Find a large (120mm?) 12VDC pancake fan (AKA computer fans or CPU fans) . Or connect several smaller ones (should be able to salvage from old computers) together.