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Could I use the inverter from a MIG welder to make a plasma cutter? Answered

I would buy a plasma torch, connect it to a compressor, and then connect the output of the MIG welder's inverter to the torch. (I'll sort out a HV system to strike the arc.) My basic question is: 'Could this work?'


No, you can't. The voltages and amperages are very diferent between a plasma cutter and a mig welder. i.e. a plasma cuter has 50 AMP and min 200 Volts. but the MIG welder has 50 VOLTS and 300 AMPS.

eric m

9 years ago

Youtube has video on how to construct a plasma torch.

Care to link us Eric or are you just going to tell us so we shut up?

search 'homemade plasmacutter" on google or youtube. hows that. would you also like some champaign ?

Why yes thank you, I would like some Champagne.