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Could a 12v LED light strip be powered by a portable power bank Answered

i don't know the exact specifications for my LED light strip but i know a 12v 2500mah lithium battery powered it for at least 2 or 3 hours, unfortunately it was a crappy Chinese knock off battery that damn near blew itself up after repeated use and i can't find a replacement that doesn't look like exactly the same battery. with that in mind are there any small power banks with a 12v output that i could use? or is there some means of boosting a 5v output power bank which seems to be the most widely available type?


What about using a 12V, 2.5Ah battery?


i would prefer to, they're nice solid batteries but i measured it and its too thick to fit in the battery space, so far it looks like a flat pack (1 battery thick) of AA batteries is the only thing that will fit. if that doesn't work out im not sure what i'll be able to use instead.

iv worked out that i can get my samsung smart phone in the gap with very little extra space, its a shame there doesn't seem to be a hardcase battery in AA battery pack size...

thanks for the suggestion though :)

8 cells of 1.5v each makes 12v .

how high a capacity pack could I make with this method? and what type of battery (nimh, nicd, lithium etc) do I need for best performance? and is there an instructable or something for how to connect them into a pack?

google "battery holder" and battery series connection . I'm not sure of best possible chem. Capacity, to some extent depends on if you start with D cells, aaa cells, or whatever.


would an RC 12v nimh battery pack like this be suitable: http://www.componentshop.co.uk/12v-2600mah-flat-5x2-aa-nimh-battery-pack.html ?

Probably. BUT.. The best approach is likely to find out how much current the LED draws. If it isn't printed on it, you can get a multimeter for $0 to $20. Hook it, and the LED up to your car battery (or some other complete overkill voltage source) and find out how many milliamps it pulls. Then you can compare numbers.

i don't drive so i don't have a car battery. The biggest 12v source i have is a bunch of 7ah sla batteries, would one of those be adequate for testing?

amp hours is part of the equation, but amps is another. If the battery doesn't get hot while powering the LEDS, then it's fine. If your not certain of adequate amperage, then hook batteries in parallel.

Get a little 12V deep cycle battery of 10 or 12AH and be done with it.
Just needs a proper charger.

That sounds like a pretty physically big battery to me, I have a 12v 7.2ah sla battery about the size of a house brick and that's too big to fit. That's why I was asking about power packs because I've seen some pretty small 5000mah and 8500mah packs. The Veho Pebble Explorer for example would be almost perfect if only it had a 12v out. Please point me in the direction of the batteries you're talking about if I'm wrong about the size though...

SLA's are bigger than Lithium cells that is for sure...
My problem with "power packs" is that only too many of them fail to meet the advertisement after a few charging cycles.
Size wise Litium is your way to go but leaves the question on what...
If you feel comfortable with a power pack then go for it.
I on the other hand might be tempted to try cheap alternatives like a series of old style mobile phone batteries.
Each delivers about 2-3Ah @ 3.7V and they are slim and light...

That's an interesting idea with using mobile batteries and i might try that in the future but for now i think i might try a lower capacity SLA (about 3.5ah) because at least i know they're fairly reliable and can survive a few accidental knocks. Thanks for making me think about SLA's, i wasn't aware i could get such small ones until i looked up the bigger ones again :)