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Could a cantenna be hook up to a wi-fi router for multiple laptops? Answered

Any help would be appreciated



Best Answer 8 years ago

"Could a cantenna be hook up to a wi-fi router" -- Yes, if the router has an external antenna connector for you to connect the cantenna to.

"for multiple laptops" -- Only if they're all in the same direction from the router. Remember, a cantenna is highly directional; that's how it gets better signal strength (by focusing on a relatively narrow cone rather than broadcasting/receiving in all directions). If the cantenna isn't pointed at the other machine, you will get worse signal strength, not better.


6 years ago

how i have done it is having the cantenna hooked to a computer, set the ethernet to share to other computers (i use CentOS as my server) and then use a regular ethernet cable to hook to a router (old NetGear) but plug it into the routers "internet" port, not one of the ports that output to other computers.