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Could a conventional oven be reused as wood burner?(Cross posted from Burning Questions)? Answered

Has anyone ever burned wood inside an electric or gas oven? I was thinking of modding and oven with refractory cement, and a water mist sprayer,for bread baking, when it occurred to me that broken gas/electric ovens are cheap, mostly air tight and temperature resistant,to say the least.
Obviously burning wood in them is not an UL approved usage, but clearly these devices are tested a lot more than your average barrel stove design..
So, any experience with this idea?


Given suitable venting and chimney I guess any fireproof box could make an oven.

Recently on TV a guy made one from an old safe.

Give it a try - Let us know the pitfalls :-)

I don't consider myself an expert but I have noticed that wood burners are made with heavy cast iron and regular home ovens are made of sheet metal and enameled steel inside with some insulation between both. Ovens are designed to withstand around 500º F, you get much hotter temperatures in a wood burner. You would also need to create a way to exhaust dangerous fumes out of the house. I don't think that is practical or safe to burn wood in a regular oven.
Wood Burner

Like I said, Drum steel is going to be more durable: a drum can carry a lot of weight.

Ovens only work at a maximum of 200 C, wood burners >>500 C

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