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Could a miniature plasma reactor be possible? Answered

If so what gasses should be used and what gauss magnets should be used to help contain the plasma? I also would like to know how much energy it would feasibly produce and if that energy would be more than the amount put in. Finally, what coils besides a field coil should be used?


Look up "Farnsworth fusor", and read the article from a recent (last year, I think) issue of MAKE Magazine. You can make a plasma generator trivially (heck, a neon light tube is a plasma generator). You cannot make a power-generating fusion reactor.

If you're really interested in such a project, I highly recommend applying for graduate school in physics, at one of the universities with an active plasma physics program -- UCLA or Princeton would be excellent choices in the U.S. You'll be able to get a sufficient grounding in all of the necessary mathematics, and once you get your Ph.D. you'll probably be able to get a post-doc with one of the groups contributing to ITER.

So many wonderful science fiction stories with craft using Bussard engines.

Really nice to know where that propulsion engine name reference comes from.

Poul Anderson "Tau Zero" is one of my all-time favourites.

never heard of Tau Zero... Then again I don't read mutch...

You should read more widely. Science fiction is full of novel ideas - the Bussard Ram jet powers many of the craft in Larry Niven's work too.

You will learn about physics and astronomy while being entertained and someday give advice on line like we engineering types do now !

I don't read science fiction... I just read for information

...then find out.....you seem to be quite proud of being ignorant about reading ?

Pleasantly Anderson's "Tau Zero" has been added to my iPad just a moment ago from Amazon for under $9 :-)

It does look interesting, indeed. I tend to be skeptical of electromagnetic confinement (both electrostatic/inerial and magnetic/tokamak), just because there are so many possible plasma instabilities.

I looked up Farnsworth fusor and I somehow stumbled across something interesting whilst watching YouTube videos. Have you heard of the plasma focus? It seems promising.

I know this scientist working on most fusion schemes in a personal west coast lab who is using information from a gifted, non-technical, remote viewer on the east coast to guide him in the present about information gleaned from the future of a specific corner of his lab.

Oh I forgot something important, the plasma focus has instabilities and during the last instability (which is when plasma filaments wrap around in a toroid shape) it creates ions out one side and electrons out the other as it destroys itself... It is also spinning in those last moments of its life and its axis is directly proportional to Earth's magnetic field.


4 years ago

Time for a circuit ......................... where

Plasma is made at one atmosphere in a nitrogen rich gas.

You can get more plasmic see at http://uzzors2k.4hv.org/index.php?page=hv

This circuit is one I hope to build after my continuous Plasma Metal Cutter is finished

which incidentally uses two atmospheres of a nitrogen rich gas.



Air Flash Unit.png

do you have anymore info?

thanks for the circuit

What you are sort of talking about is called a "fusor" and while it does produce fusion, it doesn't break even by a very very long way, although there's a new, secret, variant called a PolyWell which is supposed to.


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Star coils will give you over unity efficiency !

Not between old friends with history..................... :-)

or were you talking about me?

wait you know steveastrouk?

By "plasma reactor", do you mean a device to generate useful electricity, or usefulthrust

Since the massive international effort to do that has yet to break even, the best I can do is wish you luck.