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Could a person print their own night vision goggles? Answered

Most everyone knows that night vision, be it infrared, or ultraviolet, or some combination of colors, requires a filter, or filters and a compatible light source. My question is, could the filters be printed out on transparent inkjet printable vinyl and applied to a plastic, or glass lens to achieve the same objective? And if so, would it work as well?

What more can I say? I'm into cheap methods of doing things. The inkjet printable vinyl I mentioned is available from sellers on eBay and any pair of glasses, including safety glasses for wood and metal working are a likely item to apply the material to.


I made one for about $50.

look at kipkays instructable "infrared night vision headset" when i made it it cost about $50

You're correct that infrared night vision involves a special light source and filters. But you forgot a critical component. You also need sensors that will respond to this wavelength of light, and your eyes are not those sensors.

That said, it might be possible to print near-infrared goggles like these:

Now, these are not night-vision goggles and not compatible with night-vision infrared light sources. They work by removing most of the normally-visible light, preventing it from using up your visual pigments, and possibly allowing you to see light that is normally just a bit too long-wavelength for you to see. This only works if the near-infrared light is extremely intense. If this were a color you could see well, it just be called 'red' not 'infrared'.

However, you might be able to engineer a situation in which these goggles act like night-vision goggles.  If you cover a very bright light source with the appropriate filters, you can flood a room with an intense near-infrared light that is very difficult to see by. Then every 30 seconds or so flash a bright strobe light. Only people wearing the infrared goggles will retain their night vision, while others will struggle to see in the dim light.

Night vision goggles work by using a light sensor plate like a camera that is sensitive to a certain type of light and amplifying that to project on to tiny led or crt screens that your eyes look at.

There are no night vision goggles that work that just use filters.  There are some glasses that have filters that filter out most of the color spectrum that the eye is least sensitive to and cause your iris's to open up and allow more of the light that is available to be seen.