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Could an electronic fuel pump from a car be used to pump water? Answered

Could I recycle a fuel pump from a car and use it for a water pump? It would be a used pump so is it possible to clean it or is this just a terrible idea altogether?


It will work but its not a very powerful pump. You wouldn't want to use it to pump potable water.

Well I was thinking of using it for Aeroponics because some were rated for 80 PSI and even 90 PSI. I could get a used one for around $18.00 that would work. However cleaning it out might prove difficult.

You can get it clean enough for use in watering plants. Just run some break cleaner through it and let it sit in the hot sun to dry. Then flush a few gallons through it till you do see any oily residue on the water coming out and you should be good to go.

Just stick with the small diameter line it uses. Trying to used a larger hose will drastically reduce the PSI output.