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Could anybody help me with a recommended 3D designing software Answered

I have never used a 3D designing software before but would like to learn,Does anybody have some suggestions on some that are downloadable and free that i could use to design projects



Best Answer 7 years ago

Like everyone else has said, SketchUp's the way to go. It's really easy to learn, and Google has made a whole bunch of videos explaining how to use each of it's functions.

You might want to consider using other CAD (computer aided design) programs when you've gotten very used to SketchUp, as its functionality is limited by its user-friendliness. If you want go into CGI, Blender is excellent. For anything else:


Thanks for the suggestions.I think I will try Google sketch up until I am familiar with it then i will upgrade to a more advanced program.


7 years ago

there are different types of designs that you may want to do. so i recommend autocad and solidworks. autocad fits every need, i made my school project with it, so great

Yep, what I suggested as well. However, the original post is asking for "downloadable and free" which does not describe either AC or SW.

lol. torrent. cracked softwares for free. even if it is illegal i got them free

Uh, huh. And what else did you get along with the "cracked software"? Keylogger? Virus? Worm?

nothing man. you must know where to download. also every crack are recognized as viruses because they are illegal. so you should be careful on how to use it

When you want a proper CAD system, then look at Alibre There is a personal edition for 99 USD. 


Others have already said it but if you have the cash I would go with SolidWorks. It's easy to learn, powerful enough for anything you would need, and well supported.

If you don't have the money try Sketch-Up.

It's been awhile but when I was using AutoCAD the 3D design capability was limited and and tricky to use.

SketchUp is a good simple option. But, another great freeware is Blender. Blender is a serious 3d modeling program and completely free. It even has a friendly following that stay active on a forum if you have questions!

Google SketchUp. If you want to spend money for real CAD software, then either AutoCAD or (better) SolidWorlks, but they are as pricey as PhotoShop.

+1. Sketchup is a good basic tool and is quite usable for serious projects -- it has been adopted by the woodworking community, for example.