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Could anyone help me name my fursona? Answered

My DA account: wizerd745.deviantart.com

As according to my friend Nellofox's (on DeviantArt) suggestion, I have just gone with the name Wizerd!  I have used that username for things as far back as I remember, so I guess it's good enough!


You are a Devian Tart?

A Devian Tart?  lol
I have a DA account.

(out of curiosity, how did you end up finding this?)

I have a weird fascination with furries, but remain aloof. That's all.

K, I just became one not too long ago.  Why don't you checkout my gallery?

(yay furry Christians!)

 wow nice drawing, and you just found out your a furry? congrats

Thx, that one was actually just a traced photo, but I do have some art I actually drew on my FA and DA, I have more on my DA wizerd745.deviantart.com
I found out at the beginning of this school year!  Thx!

Srry I replied late, for some reason neither instructables or yahoo told me I had any new (er) messages, srry!


8 years ago

Ha, Really good.. Keep it up..