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Could anyone help me out with this LCD? Answered

  I stumbled upon an old StarPlus office phone and I found quite a few useful parts, but the best part by far is the LCD in it. It's on a board by itself (along with ic's and resistors to control it).  It has 14 pins and a tag on the back that reads:

I was looking for the pin layout  or a datasheet but to no avail.  I think i can get my hands on about 6 more of the phones and was really hoping to find a use for this LCD.  Could anyone inform me of the pins or of any way to find them?




8 years ago

i dont know if this helps, but trial and error sounds the best. once you find the negative pin, all the rest are generally postive pins, for sendig information. if the screen was unsolderable, then i would suggest removing it somehow to make it easier to work with


8 years ago

It is most likely a standard hitatchi controlled LCD screen. I am guessing that it does not have a backlight with only 14 I/O pins? Are the pins numbered in any way?

If so, then something like this will be a good place to start, and there are many programming guides available online. You may find other datasheets with pins 15 and 16 as A and K, but these are for backlights.