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Could anyone tell me the location of the positive and negative solder points of the Radioshack silicon solar cells? Answered

Unfortunately I lost the schematic on the package, and have not been able to find it online. It would be extra helpful is someone knew of an image that shows the solder points.




9 years ago

If you're talking about the discrete solar cell that is currently available, here's what the documentation says:

Silicon Solar Cell
(276-0124) Hints and Tips
Q: Which are the front and back of this cell in order to solder leads?
A: The front is blue/dark and is negative. Solder the lead to the silver
bar on the front edge. The back is positive. The lead can be soldered
to any place on the back.
Soldering Tips - Put flux on cell first. Put the solder on tip. Place
wire on cell. Drag tip across wire. Do not hold solder
tip down on cell in one spot as this may lift the
coating off the cell.

You can view and print a .PDF copy of the tech document here: http://tinyurl.com/kp2rqg

There should be some metal which can take solder, post a picture if you can't find them. ? L


9 years ago

There should be a little negative and positive symbol somewhere on the back. Hope it helped!