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Could i use beeswax for surf wax? Answered

Ive seen lots or surf wax recipys online, and it say beeswax and coconut oil. but could i just use bees wax or will it be useless?


Some folks say just beeswax. Some say coconut oil plus beeswax. Either way, this is still time consuming, and requires maintenance (board sock, cleaning up the wax that melts).
A couple of friends of mine have actually found a way to ditch wax altogether. Kiss our wax goodbye, if you will. :)


just go to the store and by some wax thats made for it beeswax may not fit your ocean temp needs. by stickybumps or sex wax they work great

Sure you can use beeswax. I make a natural surfwax with beeswax and it is a good natural wax for surf wax applications, http://www.waveequation.com/. Beeswax varies in its behavior, so you will find very light to very dark wax and yes, less filtered types can have bits of bees, pollen etc.. in them. Beeswax is much more expensive than petroleum based waxes, like paraffin, so natural waxes are inherently more expensive. It comes off the board fine, not much different than standard waxes. Straight beeswax will in general be good for water temps over 65 - 70 degrees F. Makes a nice basewax at cooler temps. The wax I make has other ingredients to tailor the properties to water temps and enhance the stickiness.
Here is some more info on beeswax if interested, http://www.waveequation.com/beeswax.html

Surfers are some of the cheapest soles on the earth. If you could just use bees wax and not pay $1 for a bar, there would be no surf wax business. If you live and surf in primarily really cold water, it might just work, but if it doesn't you'll have a nasty clean up.

you can use the wax,but remember it is used by the bees to store honey,thus unless it is really clean you will have bug and stickiness issues.other than that I have used this and several other kinds as quick fixes.just remember to clean up afterward.

I have no idea, but you can buy coconut oil at Indian food stores..

. According to this, you have a good start.