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Could really use an instructable on how to solder copper and/or brass? Answered

I have tried for a long to find a tutorial on how to do classic copper and brass soldering. I mean, is it anything like electronics soldering, at which i am fairly apt at? Do you use a a rod or a torch? ...How to mend a broken copperpipe? make the most classic pipejoints? How to mend a broken brass lamp that has lost a thingie? What kind of solder does one use for different materials? In all it's simplicity I am looking for an entrance level tutorial into the subject, explaining what basic tools one need and outlining how to do a few simple things.



8 years ago

The second link by kelseymh is very straight forward and simple. 


9 years ago

Did you try using the Instructables search box? Type "solder pipe" in the box and hit [Return], and look what you get in just seconds:


Those first two hits look suspiciously useful. If they're incomplete, or assume too much knowledge, I strongly encourage you to post comments within those I'bles, asking the authors to make them better (be specific with your questions).