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Could a genius on here PLEASE hack any Guitar Hero game and controller to work with the Regular Xbox? Answered

From my understanding, there is no Guitar Hero that will play with the Regular xbox. So I guess the first challenge would be to get the xbox 360 game to play in a regular console. Then make the guitar compatible.


um...to whoever can get this work, good job...to who is attempting this hack, good luck...Microsoft made near impossible to use Xbox 360 games on the original...the Xbox 360 discs are dual-layer dvds, and the original xbox doesn't support them...if you can flash a dual layer drive onto the xbox, the software won't recognize the encoding on the disc...the Xbox's main OS was written in a version of BSOD; the Xbox 360's OS was wirtten in a version of BSOD that was modded to use more C++...basically means that if you can hack it, you can have a field day with it... But Microsoft's anti-hacking policy is great; If you try to hack it, it breaks... Sony's is fail; They made the PS3 so well, that you can hack it... Anyway, good luck with that...


8 years ago

are you seriously asking this :| sorry for necro-posting, but thats silly. it's litterally like asking if a PS2 game will work in a PS1. Nooooooo. Don't be cheap.

Mighty Mackinac you are incorrect that the original xbox does not support dual layer, halo 2 does not fit on a normal dvd5 disc but a dvd9 aka dual layer disc was perfect and my backup worked without a problem.... and no you'll never get a 360 game to run on an original xbox you cant even emulate any games other than halo on the pc how do you expect to use low-end hardware aka the original xbox to run a game that the pc cannot.... I'm sorry its just not going to happen

Halo isn't emulated. Bungie made a PC version of Halo and Halo 2.

Other than installing linux or your xbox, which is difficult for some people (people who put 360 games into their xbox *cough*), there is not way to run 360 games on your Xbox. It's like putting PS2 games into your PS1, or putting wii games into a sega saturn. They won't work. Every single protocol you can think of is different. tl;dr You'll have to circumvent copy protection to do it, which is illegal (but fun ;)). However, it's still against Instructable code.


9 years ago

Get a mod chip with Cromwell on it and put Linux on your x-box, then get frets on fire.


9 years ago

wow i never knew that. i guess the xbox 360 was already out when guitar hero came out, so they dropped the original xbox.. but im with you!! if they made guitar hero for the nintendo ds, they should make it for the xbox.

I got the answer! 1 Sell your Xbox (It'll go for around $30) 2 Sell all the sucky xbox games you have. (They are around $1 or less each) 3 Sell some of your blood plamsa. (That's worth around $50) 4 Get another $200. 5 Buy an Xbox 360. 6 Place the xbox 360 ON TOP of the Xbox. (It is very important that it is not perpendicular to the xbox but parallel to the Xbox or it wont work.) 7 Insert game into Xbox 360. 8 .... 9 PROFIT!!

Buying everything you need is exactly the opposite of this site and the nature of Instructables. In the future when you take the time to make comments, please make them more constructive or not at all.

Yeah what your asking for is impossible. The Xbox isnt as strong as the 360 so even getting the original to read 360 discs wouldnt do anything it just simply cant be done.

what's teh question? hacking a regular controller to be a guitar hero controller?

Thats not even needed. You can use a controller to play anyways. I agree, not much of a question. Maybe run a 360 game on a regular xbox? Your guess is as good as mine on this one.