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Could someone post an instructable on the proper way to use a bench grinder? Answered

I'm looking to buy a bench grinder soon.  I've seen them, touched them, read many an instructable requiring them, etc.
It would be great if someone could post an instructable on proper do's and don'ts as well as the different wheels you can get for them and their specific uses.

I should also explain that I might be getting one secondhand and currently am not certain if i'll the manual will come with it, which is why i'm asking.




Best Answer 8 years ago

A manual probably won't come even with a new one.

A proper instrucable for something like this would take up most of a weekend -

so I googled" how to use a bench grinder" for you.  read what's there and come back here when you have some specific questions.  I could do a couple of pages just on wheel choice alone.

My one tip tonight is to get at least a 3/4 hp motor.  anything less won't be powerful for smaller jobs and you'll just end up buying another one later.


8 years ago

I think this is the "safest" way to start..... with goggles and NO GLOVES!


8 years ago

. In addition to Re-design's search, please look through some of the links at bench grinder safety, before using your grinder. I'm sure there is a lot of overlap with the two searches, so this is mainly a reminder to be safe. Grinders can eject objects with deadly force.