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Could you slide on a ripstik? Answered

like this but on a ripstik.....?



7 years ago

i can but u need to take some of the weight off the back foot , and it often fails, but the faster u go the easer it becomes


8 years ago

 possibly, but i dont think so. the wheels rotate, so it wont slide real well

well the wheels thenselves wouldnt slide they would just roll u would use goves tho the wheels themselves wouldnt slide

 the wheels would roll, in the direction that you are sliding. in the picture you gave, the sliding forces work because they are in a different axis then the wheels turning direction.

if you are standing on the board:

the picture is such that the wheels are rotating in the x axis, with the board sliding in the y-axis.

the ripstick wheel would swivel to have both the board and the wheels, moving in the y axis. when i use my ripstick, i can ride the ripstick at almost a 90 degree angle for a short distance because of this.

well they are casters so they would just turn to roll the right way wouldnt they?

 the problem isthat the casters turn... at least on my ripstick, the wheels would most likely come out from under you. and performing an epic fail is no fun. 

                                                The Ripstickfan Slide.

By "upside-down" I meant to flip the ripstik over while you're riding it so the wheels are up and it's skidding on the flat part where you normally stand. You cleverly jump on it and ride it this way to a safe stop, to the the amazement and applause of the crowd.  

 What do you think?  The Coleman slide Instructable says "The Coleman slide, or any longboard slide for that matter, is an important skill needed for going down hill where you might need to stop short (for example, riding on a hill where cars drive)."  Most supremely hard on a ripstik that goes sideways.

Why don't you invent the ripstikfan slide, where you flip the ripstik and slide on it upside-down?