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Couple of ghille suit questions Answered

I trying to make a ghille suit from this instructable and I have a couple of questions.
I wanted to make a full body ghille suit, so I was wondering how many more times of burlap do I need to complete this. (Like do I need 2x more, 5x more?), pic attached. I'm going to cut the strings in half before I add them to the suit, if that clarifies anything
And I was wondering if the color palette that I chose was good enough. I want a more green ghille suit. I have the three colors shown in the picture that I picked out. Do I need more colors, should I mix some colors, should I leave some colors un-dyed and leave it the original burlap color, or is it good as is?
Colors also in attached pics.
Also; I'm making this more as a costume, not so much to blend into my environment.


look at my ghillie suit ible (proffessionall ghillie suit is the name)