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Courses in San Francisco Answered

Hey, i'm an Mecatronic Engineering student from Brazil, and i'm visiting my brother in San Francisco for a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there were any cool places with interesting courses about electronics,  like arduino and different electronic components and motors, or also about building different structures, basically anything that could help me build a remote controled car for example. I have an open mind about this, i'm not entirely sure what i'm looking for, but any suggestion of places with good courses i could take a look would be very much apreciated! And for those who read everything, a treat: "What kind of ears does an engine have? Engineers!"

Thank you all in advance!


Guess which website is based in San Francisco?

There's a Techshop, at least one hackspace, and Autodesk offices.

Ha, i know.
Thanks a lot, im gonna take a look at those =)

Engineers ! ! ! Yes ! Thanks for that, henceforth many people will hear that one from me again and again over many, many years to come !-)