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Covering a stickered laptop with epoxy resin? Answered

Hi! I recently got a new laptop and I covered the top cover with stickers and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I didn't want the stickers to peel up or anything so I went on over to the hardware store and bought some Krylon Crystal Clear spray, which is an acrylic lacquer based spray. I sprayed a whole 32 coats on that sucker and it was still paper thin. It's as if I simply made the surface shiny, and the stickers could still easily peel up.

So I did a lot of research and I found a lot of things but I figured a 2 part pour on epoxy resin was the best choice. It's thick, self leveling, self doming, and it cures instead of air drying. My goals from the beginning were to eliminate surface texture altogether. I want the end product to be like those table top bars with stuff encased inside within a clear glass-like coating. I have found a lot of stuff, but I have yet to find anyone that has done what I am trying to do, and since it's my new laptop, I have concerns.

How durable will the epoxy be? I want to make sure that it will be able to withstand the life of a college student, although I'm a quite careful one at that.

Will the epoxy have any trouble bonding and staying bonded to the Krylon spray? It's an acrylic lacquer based coating according to the company. I don't want the shell of epoxy separating from the top of the laptop. I'm worried about bumping the edges and having the epoxy chip off or just separate altogether.

That last question is the main and most important one, really. The last thing I want happening is for the epoxy to dry and then separate from the laptop or crack or chip or something. The epoxy I've settled on for now is Envirotex Lite, I'm not sure how much epoxy differs between manufacturers. I've emailed several companies asking lots of questions and I've gotten a lot answered, but these ones have yet to be solved. Thank you so much for reading this and any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Your clear coat will prevent epoxy from holding well. You don't need a thick coat of anything to hold it all together. The clear coat is enough. Sure it may look this but your not pealing the stickers up. No if you didn't prep the surface well before coating then the clear coat could peal up and take the stickers with it. Overall what you've got will certainly extend the life of the stickers on the cover well past the usefulness of the Laptop (i.e. about 5 years).

I use a similar 2 part epoxy resin to make jewelry and dice and it could work fine. However, the epoxy would only be as durable as any clear plastic case. I don't know about you, but my devices with cases are pretty scratched after a while. A case would be far less trouble and could be easily replaced if it got too scratched up. You could polish the resin if it got scratched, but it would be pretty laborious to do so. My biggest concerns would be making sure the 2 parts are mixed equally. If you don't mix them perfectly, the epoxy won't cure properly and will be sticky. The other issue is how to keep the epoxy from running off the sides while it cures. You'll need a frame or silicone mold around the edges.

The biggest thing to worry about with some expoxys is getting stuff dry.

Also double check that your epoxy is clear