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Covering up computer vents? Answered

My computer has these vents on the case that are blowing out cold air while my expansion slot vent is blowing out VERY hot air. I was thinking I could cover up the vents that are blowing out the cold air which is very cold so I could make the inside of my comp cold so my video card doesn't get as hot. Is this a good idea?


Triple nope.

My computer got close to over heating, and I'll I do now is pop the side-cover off, and have a desk fan hit it with a decent breeze, hadn't had any problems with it so far...

You know the case also stops annoying EMI / RFI from being emitted from the computer, and while this might not effect you it may annoy several amateur radio operators near you...

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Covering up any vent on your computer=baaaaaad idea.


9 years ago

Are you sure all these other vents are blowing cool air rather than sucking it in which is what most case fans do. Alternatively just shove in as many fans as you can bare the noise of, or oil cool it.

There are two vents on the sides of the front of the computer and its really cold there but I don't think air is being sucked into it. The CPU cooler fan is blowing cold air out the side. So it looks like all the cold air is from the CPU fan. I also have a expansion slot fan venting hot air and there is a vent for an 80 mm fan in the back but there is nothing there yet.

I couldn't really suggest anything other than sticking some more fans in there as I don't really know where the air is going or coming from. Ive got an instructable about sticking in some extra fans but your probably better off just buying an off the shelf solution, there's normally accommodation for a fan at the front on the bottom (sometimes a 120mm one) and at the back below the PSU. I've never really been a fan's in the side of the case, they seem to have evolved from the ducted fans above the CPU you see on tower cased servers, there's enough fan provision front and back to get the thing blowing like a wind tunnel. There's plenty of case modders out there who will wax lyrical about designed airflow solutions and will quickly tell me I'm wrong for XYZ reasons but when it boils down to it I'd always add more fans if heat is a problem.

your video card will still be pumping out the heat. and if you block the other vent all the other stuff will get even hotter. just get a new fan and mount it some ware


9 years ago

ahh i need a second exhaust fan to replace the clogged one
although my pc makes for some good space heating

VERY BAD IdEA!!!!!!!! if you block the vents, the cool air will get warmer and eventually fry the CPU rendering your compute useless

I already have an expansion slot fan, for best cooling should it be placed in the slot directly above my video cards slot or one more up to allow for the video cards fan to blow some air?

NO, just no. If you want your computer to continue working don't do anything but clean out the fan holes. Their there for a reason! As other people have said if you computer gets hot clean it out, if it still does just pop the side off and put a desk fan it front of it or something. Joe

I'm in the process of finishing up an 'ible about adding extra cooling to a badly designed bit of my dell, try and augment pre-existing airflows, blocking vents is not a good plan, see which fans are blowing air in to where and follow the air currents, you'll probably find a place where it's dropping off, that is likely the pace where cooling fans need added. However the issue could simply be that your video cards etc. are running hot, old 56K modems can be a big source of heat and pretty useless...

My video card is running hot, all high end cards are like that but I guess after thorough testing (gaming) the heat hasn't killed it yet.

Aye but it can be creating a little local hotspot that isn't as bad, making sure air is flowing through the computer is of great importance, when I add the new stuff to my computer some of the proprietary chips on the mobo will get new bigger heat sinks and I'll put a much larger fan in on the back and a more powerful one on the front...

No, I would not do it...

How many fans, what size, and what case model ?? most computers are over cooled to start with... But with out more info it's really hard to say yes or no........ And they do make fan cards that will fit in your expansion slots to cool your video card if your really worried about it..