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Cpu fan for celeron D? Answered

i have a celeron d proccessor....i need to know if either of these or this would work....i dont really need the heatsink, as the old one works perfectly, so im guessing that they'll work, but i want to make sure...any and all suggestions are much appreciated !



Best Answer 9 years ago

Celeron D CPUs were also available for the old Socket 478, the predecessor of LGA775. The Socket 478 heatsink uses a pair of little levers and four clips to attack to the motherboard, making it difficult to attach and remove it without damaging it. Both of those heatsinks appear to be intended for use with the newer LGA775 socket, so make sure that yours isn't a Socket 478 motherboard before you buy one.

it is and lga 775, thanks :)

and how do i figure the type of socket? it has two clips that go over the heatsink. and lock in place....soo im guessing socket 478 heatsink...

If your CPU uses LGA775, that will work. It sounds like your fan is broken. You might be able to salvage a 80mm case fan and just take off the broken fan on hte heatsink and just point the 80mm case fan towards the heatsink.

yes, xaactly...but the 80 mm case fan is to big...and te other fan (that fits) is WAY too loud........

zip ties will always work. Or your comptuer store should have 60mm fans?