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Crack the Code 2.0 (Another Patch Winning Opportunity!) Answered

For this code, the rules are the same, but the setup is different. The letters are not mixed up, so if you get the word (for example) "Blue" it's "Blue", not "luBe". The words are still mixed up, but are on the correct line, so if the first line reads "Sky Blue The" and the second line reads "Cat Hat In The" it would be "The Blue Sky," and "Cat in the Hat."

Oh, and I may, or may not have mixed up the alphabet. Oops ;-)

From your's Truly,
Rock Soldier


 mcme | tcml | rmunikts


rmunikts | ic | tcmh

ntzmr | rcyk  hktk | thr


gkvkt | rcmk | hgcw

Is the best I can do. Might have messed up. It's late, and my Daedric ain't up to par. ; )