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Cracked Guitar Hero World Tour Cymbal (Wii)? Answered

My Wii Guitar Hero World Tour cymbal broke. It is not wiring, it is where the rubber part meets the plastic that mounts it to the pole. I tried super glue (bad idea), but it will not hold up to the shock. The cymbal is still hanging there and sort of works, but it keeps me from getting any multipliers because it bounces around too much. I have played drums my whole life and know how to hold the sticks properly, so I am not overly beating on these things. I just got them this xmas. Played on them quite a bit but not enough for this to break so easily. Suggestions?


Gorrilla tape

cement the head with something that has a LOT of give to it - I recommend sticks and sticks of hot glue. Glue an angle bracket to hold the weight.

Maybe you you can try using elmers rubber cement. Or epoxy, but epoxy is rock hard. Rubber cement cam take shock.