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Craft project ideas for hospitalized patients Answered

The mission of The Crafting for Charity Club is to assist other charitable organizations and nonprofit groups by providing craft skills education and organizing the creation of handmade arts and crafts.

That being said, we have been asked to make craft kits and teach craft skills to bed ridden patients at a local hospital. This will be a long-term thing for us and we need as many ideas as we can get. Another thing we need to consider is projects for parents to work on with their kids.

We've got the following ideas so far:
  • scrapbook kits
  • crocheting
  • knitting
  • card making
  • embroidery/cross stitch
  • making games
  • jewelry
  • We've been told we could even make playdough and silly putty!

While we have general ideas, we could use as much help as we can get for specific instructions. This isn't something we're going to sell these things, they are purely for use in charitable purposes. That being said, we will likely post our patterns in our members only section of our website.



8 years ago

An awful lot of the projects on Instructables can be recreated by anybody with reasonable upper-body mobility. As long as you have decent stands, even soldering can be done in bed.

Trash Queen

8 years ago

There are many ideas for kids at my website, The Imagination Factory. Many projects take few supplies and are not messy. Also, I posted how to make a Christmas tree ornament on Instructables a few years ago. You could do the same thing with construction paper and just simplify the other steps. My site is located at http://www.kid-at-art.com/, and there are more things in the Members Only section. Good luck!