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Crafting Speed Challenge Happening Now Answered

Instructables teams up with tophatter.com for the   Crafting Speed Challenge. Enter any crafty thing you’ve made and you can win a $100 credit at tophatter.com! Get ready to share your awesome crafts right here!

Tophatter.com is a live auction site where crafters can buy and sell cool creations or supplies. It really works, too. After we heard about it a few folks from Instructables have already bought and sold a few things. So if you’ve made something and haven’t found someone to gift it to you should check it out. As an extra bonus, Instructables members get $10 off their first purchase of $11 or more by going here.

But for now you should get some pics of your favorite ready and share them in the contest. Hurry, it closes Feb. 25!


I went to the site, and I must not understand how it works-I found it really frustrating. How do I look for things that interest me? There were just a bunch of beads on the page.

Would love to have a cool venue for my art. Thanks :0)

Woo hoo! Another speed challenge!!!