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Crafts to make for the boyfriend? Answered

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas. He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?



6 years ago

How about binding a hand made scrapbook full of pictures and stuff from times when you were together? You could leave blank pages in the back to fill up in the future. There are some good i'bles on binding and scrapbooking if you search a bit.

My lady did this for me, and I absolutely love it! The dern thing made me cry when I got it.

Polymer clay (sculpey, fimo) sculptures are usually a fairly big hit. And the little cute ones are super easy to create. Just need to think of something he likes, comic characters, animals, game icons or logos, etc. Christmas tree ornaments are also really quick and easy, santa, elves, rudolf and the snowman...candy canes, icicles...the list doesn't end.

There are plenty of how to's here and all over the web, youtube, etc.

Here's an idea. Get a photo of you both and have it printed/devloped onto a small plastic square. Then make a small tube that you look into to see the pic. Think about the small key chain things they sucker you into buying at the zoo/amusement parks when they take your pic at the front gate. 26 years later my wife still finds it nice to see what we looked like way back then when we were dateing.


6 years ago

What about making a small round frame with your photo (or a photo of you and him together) in it that fits in the puzzle box?

That sounds good - maybe even go as far as making it into a necklace.