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Craftster Contest with Instructables Prizes! Answered

Craftster is running a contest with prizes we provided for them!

You should check it out, but here are the basic guidelines for entering:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is New Year, New Uses!  Your challenge this month is to bring new life to an old object in your home.  The object could be a houseware piece, an item of clothing, home decor... anything you choose!  Your repurposing should transform the object into something entirely new and unexpected.  Perhaps you'll finally get to make a lamp out of that vintage, avocado green blender you've been hoarding all these years.

Who is part of Craftster and is going to enter?!?


Has to be inside the home not outside, correct?

I'm not sure of the specifics. You might need to ask that on Crafster.

This reminds me, weren't we supposed to get a book, if one of our projects is in it? I haven't gotten the "Souped Up" book yet. I would love to get it, though. Please, please.

I don't think we've gotten that book in yet, I'm going to have to check on that. But, yes, we do send out the book to the authors that make it into the book.

Has the How to do everything one been sent yet? Or is that the one you were talking about Nicole? I've not seen sign of mine yet but I did fill in the "We have something for you" form (i think).

I'm sorry, I think you mean the "How to Fix Absolutely Anything" book which has not gone to print yet. I had to make a prize form in order to message everyone at one time that was being considered for the book. Once the book is finalized, printed, and in our hands, I will send out a form again to everyone who made the final cut :)

That book is marked as sent and I don't see you on the list. Do you remember what project they were considering? I can see if it made it into the book? And you mean the book "How to Do Absolutely Everything" right?