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Crazy LEGO animation Answered

This LEGO animation has been bouncing all over the Interwebs this weekend. It's pretty stunning stuff since it was all done with LEGO and by one person who clocked 1,500 hours on it. It goes to show how much you can do with a pile of LEGO and a regular digital camera.

That all said, the video is still a little slow and can do with about a minute less footage. So I'm definitely curious to see the next video from these guys in another year or so.


That is awesome, Im thinking stopmotion competition ! Its so easy anyone can do it !

yeah but if you did put a competition on then the guy who made this would already have won.

If only the did one that was two hours long... I'd love it.


8 years ago

:) I watched this the day after it came out. I can't believe I was able to view it before it hit like 1,000,000 views

that is amazing!!!!! and I know how much hard work that was because I do stop motion animation just like that (well just not as good LOL)

that's pretty cool. i like it.

This is great. Now I might try in make something like this out of knex.

There are knex people. You get them from older sets. They use balljoints to move.

yep. i got one laying around somewhere... all i have to do is find it....

There are none that I know of. I was saying that I have made a stop motion video using knex.


That's awesome, I never would have expected that out of le-GMJHOWE IS A STALKER!

umm wow it was cool but i do have to say this means this guy had alot of free time... think of all the instructables he could have done... jk it was awsome

One of the best animations I've seen this year (and with bleeps too!) Thanks. L

Bleeps make it better!

Oh yes, I like bleeps... L


8 years ago

That is awesome! Does it say anywhere how many pictures he had to take?

That is pretty wild :-)


8 years ago


The 3D Pong game makes my brain hurt. I think I could have done with a bit less computer editing, it detracted from the standard stop-motion work.

oh, my, gosh that is the most insanly, amazingly, awsomely, intrigingly, richly produced, time comsuming, i mean that is this big | awsome wise that is.

That's awesome; I would never have the patience to do stop motion animation.


8 years ago

Yeah i found this on Make a couple of days ago, pretty sweet