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Crazy Parkour Group! Answered

Check out this crazy parkour group called 3Run


Um, I think that all parkour videos should now feature people in superhero costumes. Very good freerunning and parkour, but seriously - anyone who does this needs to start doing it in a cape.


10 years ago

Hmm. I see. So after years of gymnastics training, when you can do those double flips easily on trampoline or off highbar onto mats, you MIGHT be able to do "free running" if you're willing to put up with the danger factor. Hmmph. So what does BEGINNING parkour look like (or does it even exist.) Can you do anything interesting looking or useful WITHOUT extreme training (and talent) in more conventional sports? (reminds me of a gymnastics meet I was at recently. A girl would do a double-turn, and there would be a smattering of applause from the audience. Presumably, those were the other gymnasts at a level sufficient to understand just how difficult a double turn IS!)

I've been doing very lightweight parkour for years - I only learned it was called parkour within the last few. My own personal variation involves a lot more climbing and Hot Lava - no touching the ground. But it's the same kind of thing. I'm more about moving in a way that is fun, rather than efficient, but they are often the same. Like seabeepirate says, wheelchair ramps are a good place to start. Also, run up walls not to get to the roof, but just to see how high you can touch. Next time, see if you can touch higher. I think it's more hardcore if you begin to do it cold, without years of gymnastics.

just like every other sport (including gymnastics) there is a danger factor and everyone has to start somewhere. start with somthing simple, running towards a wall and jump off of it, or hop across rocks, anything to learn some balance. you will look like any noob at any sport, but just practice and you will get better. (and you do not need to have two years of gymnastics under your belt or anything, you just have to be somewhat fit and have good balance, (at least for begginer/intermediate tricks))

Actually you don't have to be fit at all to begin, that's the beauty of it. Parkour is all about efficiency in overcoming obstacles. Really the I think the best description of true parkour is to think like an 8 year old boy haha. Go ahead and go over the railing instead of walking around it. Jump over the wall on the wheelchair ramp instead of walking all the way down it. Jump up the wall instead of walking all the way up the ramp. All the flips and flashy tricks aren't part of parkour those are freerunning, which as I understand it is really just to turn the same obstacles into a playground. Still fun, but usually more dangerous.


9 years ago


Must ...learn .. parkour! Sweet moves, crappy video. (BTW I think this is more like free-running than parkour)

Correction: Awesome video. Also, you were right. It is freerunning. There are flips that wouldn't be in regular parkour.

Nice...I like how certain parts make it look like a video game.

...I just want to learn that human flag move =]

dang, thats freaking awesome.