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Crazy fun, or a slow cruel death - I can't decide... Answered

This is just crazy - two Ocean Engineering students created a "hamster-powered submarine" from "materials derived from common household objects" that connected a hamster wheel in a sealed, air-supplied vessel to a propeller, allowing hamsters to take themselves on aquatic jaunts.  (via BoingBoing Twitter feed)

Seriously, it's a submarine powered by a hamster in its wheel.  I can't decide if the hamster is having loads of fun, or is being driven mad with terror.

It doesn't seem very fast, though...

They documented the build on their own website, but if you would like to see an instructable on it, go to the video and leave a comment to say so...



We all live in a hamster submarine...

You need to get out more. (But maybe you shouldn't...)


That's brilliant. You have far too much free time and far too much fun with that puppet.

Hopefully you and your puppet will not become "Mr. Garrison-like" ;-)

No puppets were harmed or got wet in the making of this film. Actually, I just held up a half-filled jar of water in front of the camera lens and moved it about as I filmed for this special effect. You can see my finger refracted just below the waterline where I tried to hold everything while still manipulating the puppet. I added the underwater sounds to the clip in windows movie maker.


6 years ago

A hampster submarine.


'Nuff said.