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Creating a USB program Answered

Hello forums, I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that could do the following via USB. I have pet chickens that need feeding multiple times a day. I wanted to make a USB device that I could plug into my computer, and when I push a button in the program, it activates the USB port which is connected to my feeder. I don't need any help with making the feeder, it's just being able to run it on demand. Thanks in advance.


Do you need to decide when to feed them, or could you make do with an automatic feeder? L

There is no way to control a USB port without hacking the driver on your system, so I reccomend using an arduino or an AVR microcontroller with this firmware. You could use processing to create a simple serial command program.

I also forgot: If your computer has a parallel port, you could turn on some of the different pins without any other electronics. Just google 'parallel port control'.