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Creating a custom TCG playing mat Answered

Hi guys.  I have access to a 48" inkjet printer, sheets of vinyl, and I can order or buy (within reason) anything else.  A friend came up to me with an unusual request: she often plays trading card games, and has a design for a custom mat.  I personally don't own a mat, but could get my hands on one of hers to see the material setup.  AFAIK, and based off Google searches, there is a thin foam base (1/16" to 1/8"), followed by a print of the design on vinyl (24x14).  My goal is to keep costs low.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and an Instructable would be even better, if you have the know-how.
Someone has a thread of images of mats, if it would help: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-143462-page-5.html


I figured it out to a degree. I can buy white blank playmats, with a cloth top. Use an iron-on transfer, and the deed is done. Now...where to find an iron-on transfer sheet in A0 size. A0 is the only size larger than the playmat.

well uhm... what about using 16 A4 sheets?

Well, i am trying to do a large seamless print. I'll probably get my friend to dye-sublime it, i forgot he had a Dye-Sublimation printer. :)