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Creating a game on Game Maker 8. Answered

Anyone know how to randomize a sprite for a die/dice, or a click to randomize sprites?



8 years ago

MAN IT'S EASY! I won't tell you how to do it because that would be taking away the fun of programing, But I'll tell you a certain function that may help.


That function chooses randomly any argument in there(you can put up to 16 arguments in the function).

If you want to know more go to gmc.yoyogames.com
They have heaps of people that will help you.

I asked the question for a reason. If you're going to answer, give the full answer!

Well... I thought it would be easy enough to get the answer from what I told you.... There's nothing much else I can say because everyone codes differently...

I *think* you can do it via resources, create object and then there is something random in the object properties menu.

I think... I've watched somebody use it, once.